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Top 3 Snow-Capable Vehicles For Everyday Use

Just because Summer is fast approaching doesn’t mean that some of us don’t still have to contend with hazardous conditions or even snow. For those living in more extreme-weather locations, such as Alaska or Norway where they are constantly dealing with dicey conditions, it’s so common that it’s second nature. The weather rarely changes for them and so they are fully prepared all year round. But when we drive in poor conditions or we are faced with snow in particular, having the right vehicle can make a big difference.


Big or Small?

There is a misconception that the best snow vehicles are big and heavy. This isn’t the case but it just so happens that many “snow suitable” cars are quite large. Snow-Cats are not necessarily large in comparison to some vehicles and snowmobiles are a perfect example of how something light and small can skim over the snow with ease. It’s all in the drive-handling and the tread.



Land Rover Range Rover

Using its built-in Terrain Response System, the driver can choose from variable conditions including snow, mud or rain. The vehicle then alters stability and power accordingly, offering as smooth a ride as one could expect in such conditions. Hill and corner braking is of no concern for this vehicle but it is a luxury model, so expect all the trimmings inside and a hefty price tag to go with it.


Grand Jeep Cherokee

Very similar to the Land Rover, the Jeep has all of the expected luxuries for the price tag but the 8 speed transmission is impressive and it comes with a 911 call button for those really poor conditions. It also has a traction-control setting for making driving in snow that little bit easier. How much easier depends on the type of boots you have on the Jeep though of course.



Subaru WRX

The Subaru brand is best known for their rally cars and certainly their Impreza models are pretty handy around a snow-ridden rally course. If you are not looking for something to pick up your groceries in and drive the kids round in, then from a pure driving experience, this is one of the best in the snow. A lot less fewer luxury features and more thrill-in-the-ride. Obviously it won’t handle exactly like a rally car and we certainly don’t advise treating it as such but as a driving experience in snowy conditions, it handles like a dream.



Ultimately, most of us wouldn’t choose to go out and drive in the snow but there may be times where it is unavoidable. Also, the cars mentioned above do carry a premium with them and come in at quite a hefty price and so they won’t be suitable for everyone. Justifying a new car just for the odd spell of bad weather isn’t a sound investment (although if you are in the position to do so, go for it!), so what can you do?


Knowing your driving limits in these extreme conditions is the number one priority and we strongly recommend researching techniques to help with your snow-driving in order to stay safe. Cars handle differently in the snow and they can surprise you with every turn of the wheel. Braking distances change, visibility can deteriorate quicker and road surface conditions can be more dangerous even than when it’s wet.


We recommend using our Internationally-approved snow socks to help you keep your vehicle stable on the roads via the multi-filament thread we use, which helps to increase the overall contact area with the snow and ice. Our snow socks are ideal for snow driving or for use in any location which experiences heavy snow or icy conditions. Perfect for those of us who want to stay safe during the Winter but want a more affordable investment that still does the job.


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