Universal Multigrip, Snow Socks for Cars Keeps you moving!


Universal Multigrip is committed to not only improving your safety in difficult driving conditions, but also to improving the environment.


Climate Change is affecting all of us as the Earth’s temperature gradually increases. Over the past two decades the effect has become more marked. Considerable evidence exists that most of this warming has been caused by human activities… that’s to say we have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through a build-up of greenhouse gases – primarily carbon dioxide.


We want to ensure that our products have no detrimental impact on the environment in which we all live.


To do this we have teamed up with OxTreeGen, who create new woodlands. Trees are a great way of mitigating the environmental impact we have on the world around us.


Creating new woodlands has many benefits–such as:

  • Trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis;
  • Trees reduce soil erosion and flooding;
  • Trees help cool the earth;
  • Trees create eco-systems and encourage bio-diversity;
  • Trees absorb carbon;
  • Woodlands create fantastic recreational areas and improve health

Universal Multigrip are working in two ways with OxTreeGen:


Firstly, we have planted enough trees to make our entire distribution channel carbon neutral. To do this we have calculated the carbon footprint of importing from the manufacturing base, and have mitigated this through tree planting. One tree absorbs approximately 500 kgs of CO2 over its lifetime.


Secondly, we want all of our followers to help plant more and more trees. For every 100 likes of our Facebook page, we plant another tree. So go on and like our page!

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