Universal Multigrip, Snow Socks for Cars Keeps you moving!

How It Works

The special surface shape, together with the high deformability of the textile used for the tread cover, lets you obtain:

  • A significant increase in the total contact area with snow or ice, owing to both the special textile construction and the use of multi-filament thread, with a consequent increase in the coefficient of friction between the wheel and the snowy or icy surface.
  • The penetration of the relief moulding, caused by the localised fusion of the snow or ice made by the increase in pressure contact in correspondence with the textile knots, which give the Multigrip its exclusive “grip”.
  • A higher adherence between the inside surface of the textile and the tyre, so as to avoid any slippage between sheath and wheel.
  • The limitation of wear on the raised part of the moulding, thus conserving the underlying thread from direct contact with asphalt when driving on non-snowy roads.
  • Maintenance of a good workability even in cases of small flaws, thanks to the “run-proof” quality of the textile.


Snow Socks for Cars

INCREASED FRICTION Snow Socks for Cars As a consequence, Universal Multigrip is effective on snow and ice, driving and braking are precise and stable. Its long life lets you drive comfortably for relatively long distances even on roads where snow and ice patches alternate with dry asphalt.
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