Universal Multigrip, Snow Socks for Cars Keeps you moving!


At what speed I can drive when using Universal Multigrip?

You should never exceed the safety speed limit of 25mph (40km/h)


Can I use Universal Multigrip on dry roads?

It is recommended that the device is not used on dry roads. If you are travelling through intermittent snow-asphalt-snow road conditions or a tunnel, immediately reduce your speed and drive very safely! Using the device on roads that are free from snow can cause rapid wear and tear of the fabric, which may negatively affect its efficiency.


My car is rear wheel drive; can I still use Universal Multigrip?

Universal Multigrip snow socks come in pairs and go over your traction wheels; that will depend whether your car is front or rear wheel drive.


On a four-wheel drive vehicle do I have to fit four socks?

No, you don’t have to. On four-wheel drive vehicles it is recommended to fit the snow socks on the two front traction wheels however, you can fit them on all four wheels if you want to.


Can I use snow socks in France?

Universal Multigrip complies with French regulations for winter equipment and can be used in France where the B26 road sign is displayed. However in other countries, it may not replace metallic chains where their use is obligatory. Always check local legal requirements.


Can I use Universal Multigrip on any vehicle?

Universal Multigrip is only suitable for passenger vehicles comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat and for commercial vehicles having a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.


Can I use Universal Multigrip on winter tyres?

Universal Multigrip is suitable for summer and winter tyres.


Can I wash the socks?

Yes! Universal Multigrip is washable, in cold water, and reusable. It is advisable to let the device dry before storing it again in its bag.


Is Universal Multigrip certified and approved?

Yes! Please go to PRODUCT Approvals information page.

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