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Fitting/Removal instruction video

FITTINGEasy to fit Snow Socks for Cars


To fit the devices, the vehicle must be parked on level ground with the parking brake engaged.


When fitting the device, make sure that the yellow fabric strip is positioned on the outside of the vehicle (therefore, the red part will be positioned on the inside) and that the label indicates whether the tyre is right or left (picture 1).


Fit the device to the drive wheels by slipping the inner elastic (red side) over the wheel starting from the top (picture 2) and pulling it as far as possible downwards.

It is useful to insert your hands into the device (picture 3).


Move the vehicle forwards or backwards by approximately 1 metre (picture 4) and complete the fitting operation by pulling the elastic band on the red side until it has slipped completely behind the wheel (picture 5).


Exact centring of the device on the wheel is not necessary; it is sufficient to slip the entire elastic over the tread: the device will self-centre after driving for a few dozen metres. However, at this point, it is advisable to stop and check the correct fitting.




For removal, the vehicle must not be in motion and should be parked on level ground with the parking brake engaged. Grasp the device with both hands and pull strongly (picture 7-8).


Removal is easier if the mesh insert is in a central position.

Snow Socks for Cars
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