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The Most Controversial Moments in F1 – Part Two

As we continue our list of the most controversial moments, it’s evident that not everyone in Formula One had an easy time of it. Some of them deserved the bad press and others didn’t. However in this list it’s up to you to decide whether they were at fault or not.   Monaco – 2006 […]

The Most Controversial Moments in F1 – Part One

There have been many controversial moments in Formula One and it’s hard to choose which should be listed here but we’ve taken a look at them and judged them based on severity and how they impacted the sport and the Championship in question. Some were considered to be mere slap-of-the-wrist offenses and others were certainly […]

The Greatest Wet Races in F1 – Part Two

Spa– 1963 – Jim Clark  image source: gettyimagesgallery.com Jim Clark was a formidable driver and only drove for Lotus. Debuting officially in 1960 he was spotted as one of the smoothest drivers in the sport with an incredible style. He was involved in one of the worst accidents of that time at the Italian Grand […]

The Greatest Wet Races in F1 – Part One

Formula One in the wet is a spectacle on a whole other level when compared to dry-weather racing. These cars are dangerous enough to wrestle with in the dry, so just imagine having to drive over 50 laps in a car producing over 1,000 bhp (although this has been reduced now that they are using […]

Craziest Moments in F1 – Part Two: Incredible Crashes

In part two of our Craziest Moments in F1 feature, we look at some of the biggest and craziest crashes Formula One has ever seen. The nature of Formula One is such that speed and ego combine to create a very hazardous working environment for the drivers and even today, with improved safety standards, crashes […]

Craziest Moments in F1 – Part One: The Legends, The Mistakes

Formula One has undeniably changed over the years. Technical regulations and design changes, in-team policies and safety rules have all been the center of attention in a sport that has arguably lost its excitement-factor somewhat. It’s difficult to compare two eras of motor racing due to the massive changes but it’s easy to see that […]

Top 3 Snow-Capable Vehicles For Everyday Use

Just because Summer is fast approaching doesn’t mean that some of us don’t still have to contend with hazardous conditions or even snow. For those living in more extreme-weather locations, such as Alaska or Norway where they are constantly dealing with dicey conditions, it’s so common that it’s second nature. The weather rarely changes for […]

Variable Weather Conditions: What To Watch Out For

At Universal Multigrip we are obviously aware of weather factors when driving. Our product is incredible for driving in snowy conditions but it’s amazing how little we realise weather affects our normal day-to-day driving. Snow isn’t the only extreme hazard you can meet on the roads and there are many factors to consider when you […]

Formula E – A New Era in Racing

With so many businesses around the world looking be as eco-friendly as possible, it looks like the world of motor racing is following suit. With Formula One switching to V6 turbo engines, it’s caused quite a stir with audiences and fans, as well as those in the racing paddock due to the lack of noise […]

How The Jetstream Affects Our Weather

In recent years it has been argued that weather across the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Many debates have arisen about whether we are actually encountering global warming, or if weather patterns in most parts of the world are becoming more unpredictable. Britain’s is a case in point, its seasons are even harder to predict. […]

Meet the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

As soon as we heard that the Jamaican bobsleigh team were competing in the Winter Olympics, we knew that people of all nationalities would be rooting for them. After all the uncertainty over whether they would make it to Sochi, and the overwhelming support shown by fans, the story has a real feel-good factor, and […]

Why is Britain Getting Colder?

  The last few winters have been some of the coldest in the past 60 years. Is the UK facing a big freeze? Imagine an elephant walking across a frozen Thames. Little boys playing football on the ice by the South Bank as market stalls sell their wares, and in the distance, Queen Elizabeth I […]

‘Since Records Began’: The Coldest Winters In British History

  Meteorologists are predicting the worst winter in decades for 2013-14, spreading dread of disrupted transport, closed schools and huge heating bills.   Despite our love for moaning about the weather, the UK actually experiences a very mild climate compared to our Northern European cousins. But when the cold hits, it hits bad. Because these […]

Help! My Child Has Just Passed Their Driving Test!

  It’s a proud moment in any parent’s life, but it should also be greeted with some trepidation. For a teenager, passing a driving test usually means their first taste of independence. The freedom of the open road and maybe their very own car means extreme excitement for them, and alarm and worry for Mum […]

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